Rosh Hashanah Schedule

Sunday, September 25, Erev Rosh Hashanah     

8:00 AM        Shachris

6:30 PM       Mincha

Monday, September 26               

9:30 AM      Shachris, babysitting program*

10:55 AM    Krias Ha-Torah

12:00 PM    Shofar

12:30 PM    Musaf

1:30  PM     Birchas Kohanim

5:00 PM      Shofar at Berdan Grove Park

6:00 PM      Mincha followed by Tashlich

Tuesday, September 27              

9:30  AM    Shachris, babysitting program*

10:55 AM   Krias Ha-Torah

12:00 PM    Shofar

12:30 PM    Musaf

6:20   PM    Mincha

7:26 PM      Yom Tov ends

Live Kapparos

Monday, October 3        


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Yom Kippur Schedule

Tuesday, October 4        

6:15 AM      Shachris, babysitting program*

1:45 PM      Mincha

6:10 PM      Kol Nidrei

8:10 PM      Tehillim

Wednesday, October 5 

9:30 AM       Shachris

10:55 AM    Krias Ha-Torah

11:30 AM    Yizkor

11:40 AM    Musaf

4:50  PM     Mincha Afternoon service

5:50  PM     Neilah and Maariv service

7:12  PM     Break the Fast Refreshments

* Babysitting for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur

Hours: 9:30 am – until the end of  services

Children’s Holiday Programs 11:30 -12:00

Please note the following:

  • Parents must remain on Synagogue property the entire time their children are in the program, NO EXCEPTIONS
  • A parent or babysitter must accompany children under the age of 2 to join the babysitting program
  • Program Staff will not change children’s diapers.
  • Please bring food/snacks for your children
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to feed their children