Shabbos Socially-Distant Minyan

We are pleased to inform you that Anshei Lubavitch will be holding outdoor, socially distant services for this Shabbos.

Friday, 20 Sivan , June 12
Mincha/Kabbolas Shabbos
7:30 PM

Shabbos, 21 Sivan , June 13
10:00 AM

8:20 PM

Here is how we plan to do this safely:

1) Minyan participants must register by completing the form below.

2) Minyanim are open to men and women. Older children who can remain with their parents may join. However, if they begin to run around, the parent will be asked to please take their children home.

3) All participants must wear face masks at all times.

If someone finds it too difficult to wear a mask, he or she must remain at a distance of 20 ft. from the open area under the extension where services will be held.

4) All participants must maintain a 12-foot distance from others at all times

5) Families should stay together.

6) Hand-sanitizing stations will be available

Looking forward to an uplifting and inspiring Shabbos davening,

The Anshei Rabbis

Socially Distant Shabbos Minyan Registration

Social Distance Minyan