Shul History

Our congregation is a combination of three synagogues which have merged. The first is the United Brotherhood Congregation, established in 1891 in Paterson, New Jersey. The “Brotherhood” was the central orthodox synagogue of Paterson. Even today, it is still quite renowned.

The second is Congregation Linath Hatzedek which was established in the early 1940’s. Many years later, as the neighborhood changed, the members voted to merge with the United Brotherhood.

The third is the Congregation Anshei Lubavitch – Nusach Ari. Founded by Menachem Mendel Lewinson, it was established in 1909. Many years later, it too merged with the United Brotherhood. Today all three are referred to simply as the “Anshei Lubavitch Congregation”. The Congregation moved to Fair Lawn in 1985.