Mezuzah Consultation

In Home Mezuzah Consultation


In Jewish homes worldwide, Mezuzahs* stand guard, ensuring G-d’s protection of the home and its residents. Jewish law stipulates that the Mezuzahs be written by a certified scribe and checked approximately every three and a half years to ensure that none of the letters in the scroll have been damaged by weather conditions, fading, or any other circumstances. If the scroll is damaged, it is rendered “unkosher” and can no longer serve to protect the home.
Ensure G-d’s constant protection of your home and family! The Mezuzah is a Divinely- guaranteed source of blessing and security for all those living in the house, even when they are away.
If you would like your Mezuzahs to be checked, or you wish to purchase new ones for your home, please contact Rabbi Neubort at 201- 797-4770. Rabbi Neubort will determine whether your Mezuzahs need to be checked, or if you require new ones. A certified scribe will check the Mezuzahs for a small fee and arrangements can be made to purchase new ones directly from him.
*Torah verses inscribed on scrolls that are encased in boxes and hung on the doorposts.