Daily Study (Chassidus, Halacha)

Daily Chassidus

Monday through Friday 5:55 am

For every day we are blessed to have, G-d wishes for us to reach higher and toward greater summits of faith. In this journey to climb ever higher, we are met with fresh challenges and questions that test our faith, sometimes deeply.

This is why studying Chassidus each morning is so important. With it, we get our daily infusion of Torah’s luminescence that keeps us inspired and focused throughout the day.

Daily Halacha 

Monday through Thursday at 1:40 pm

Studying halacha on a regular basis transforms our reality. By discovering the Torah’s pathways in our everyday existence, ordinary activities become permeated with a higher consciousness. As our Sages taught, “He who studies halacha each day is worthy of meriting the World to Come” because he has elevated his material world to a whole new level.

At Anshei Lubavitch we make it a priority to study Halacha each day before the Mincha service. We invite to join us for an experience that promises to be other-worldly!