Shabbos Afternoon Torah Lectures


Parshas Matos-Masei (Av 2, July 14)

Building with Beauty: Should a Synagogue Be Made to Look Magnificent?

“This is my G-d and I will beautify Him” (Shemos 15:2). What does the Torah say about the style and comfort of a shul’s design?


Parshas Va’Eschanan (Av 16, July 28)

Yes We Can!” – May We Build the Third Temple Today?

The Torah commands us to build a Temple for G-d. To whom does this instruction apply? When is the commandment in force? And if we were to build a Temple today, what status would it have?


Parshios Eikev – Re’eh (Av 23-30, August 4-11)

Questions of Interest: The Heter Iska (Two Part Series)

The prohibition of ribbis (collecting interest) is circumvented by way of a heter iska. How does it work? Who may use it? Why are many halachic decisors wary of its usage? These complicated laws are vital knowledge in today’s marketplace.


Parshas Shoftim (Elul 7, August 18)

Choosing Your Cuisinier

Cooking food for Jews can get tricky. What are the parameters and details of the imperative to only eat food that is “Bishul Yisrael,” and why was this law enacted?


Parshas Ki Seitzei (Elul 14, August 25)

Is Judaism just for Jews?

May non-Jews participate in personal and communal performance of mitzvos? A look at how the people of the book share their birthright with the people of the world.


Parshas Ki Savo (Elul 21, September 1)

How to Cook Wine So Jews Can Dine

It has saved many a Shabbos meal and avoided much embarrassment. But how exactly does yayin mevushal address the problem of yayin nesech? What is the technical definition of mevushal? A behind-the-scenes look at kosher wine production and its laws.